FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to receive GMail messages - GMail makes it very easy to forward all or some of your messages and keep them in your GMail inbox. Follow GMail's instructions and enter your @pushit2me.com address to receive push notifications. Using this method, we do not store your GMail login/password keeping you in control of your GMail account.

  • How to receive Twitter Direct Messages - Please update your Twitter settings so the email address is your @pushit2me.com address. All DM's willthen be pushed to your phone. We are working to also get @replies sent as push messages.

  • Facebook Messages - If you have your Facebook emails sent to your GMail account using the configuration mentioned above you will receive any Facebook messages. If Facebook is sending messages to another account already forwarded to PushIt2Me, then you will receive those messages. Facebook currently does not provide another mechanism to send messages. If this changes, we'll update this section.

  • I am not receiving notifications - Please go to Settings -> Notifications and make sure Notifications (at the top) is turned on. Then scroll down to the PushIt2Me icon and make sure at least Alerts are turned on. You can turn off the sound of alerts here if you like. Also, try going into the application and let your inbox load, we reset your Push identification from Apple when you get into the application.

    If you are in a poor coverage area or only on a Wifi network, push messages can be delayed. This is an Apple limitation and not part of our application.

  • How do I delete all messages? - In the application, choose Edit in the top-right corner and click the red "Delete All Messages" button. Please be advised this cannot be undone, all messages will be deleted.

Contact Us if you are having any problems