How It Works

The first time you start the app, it will ask you if you would like to receive Push Notifications from us. It is very important you click "YES" to this question. When you click yes, we receive a unique identifier for your phone. After you sign up for your account, we look out for any emails sent to your account.

When we receive those emails, we create a smaller message formatted according to Apple's specs and send them a Push Notification with your iPhone identifier. Apple will then send the message to your iPhone.

The App running on your iPhone keeps all messages in sync, so you can view previously sent messages, reply to them, etc.

Check out our FAQ to see how to get GMail, Twitter, Facebook and your personal email messages pushed to your iPhone.

This is more than just an iPhone application. It requires running a mail server, database server, web server, push notification server and an iPhone application.

Below is a list of technologies we used to build this system, but first a thanks to uneekGrafix for designing the graphics and providing incredible insight and feedback during the development of this application.

  • PostgreSQL - The best open source database server.
  • PHP - PHP for server side scripting
  • Perl - Perl - The duct tape of programming.
  • XMail - Great mail server for processing emails.
  • CentOS - I would not run any other server OS.
  • XCode - No real choice here, but it's a great tool. Developed on a MacBook Pro.