PushIt2Me iPhone App

PushIt2Me is an application that allows emails sent to your personal @pushit2me.com email address to be sent to your iPhone using Apple?s Push Notification service (iPhone OS 3.0 required). Push Messages appear regardless of the application you are running and even appear when the phone is in sleep mode.

This application is great for anyone that needs to be notified pro-actively by email.

Some examples are email breaking news alerts, stock price alerts, system administrators that receive alerts from automated monitoring systems, or any message you need to receive immediately. Forward your Gmail, your Facebook messages, your Twitter emails and they?ll be pushed to your iPhone.

When your data is too critical to wait 15 minutes (minimal wait time for built-in email client), then PushIt2Me is the perfect application with real time updates.

You also have the ability to forward messages to another email address. The application provides the ability to view previously pushed messages, reply to messages and manage your preferences for forwarding messages.

Check out our FAQ to see how to get GMail, Twitter, Facebook and your personal email messages pushed to your iPhone.

  • Push-based email account
  • Instant notifications
  • View text and HTML emails in the application
  • Forward push messages to another email account
  • Personal @pushit2me.com email address
  • Delete all messages
  • Mark messages as read
  • Does not require a desktop application running to send notifications

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to check your email, use PushIt2Me. If you're interested in reviewing the app for your blog, newspaper, journal, etc. please send us your UDID and we'll get a pre-release copy for you to evaluate.